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Disagreement between Eleriko and OSUN 🪬

Disagreement between Eleriko and OSUN

Weertainly accept as true with seen many other folks on the guidelines superhighway searching to hyperlink this two together which is substandard.

They are searching to plan snake on Orisa OSUN shrine and groove which is a taboo for someone to operate.

Win watched some Web video where am OSUN devotees became snake or operate no topic true to salvage client .

Am right here to expose you that such video are scam.

OSUN is a ORISA of bask in, fertility, abundance, transformation etc. Whereas eleriko is an egbe orun that has to operate with water.

Eleriko are creatures that reside interior water, eleriko Are snake or snake bask in creature residing interior water .

In temporary Eleriko are water snakes, most of the people of this Egbe Orun Eleriko are lady.

Of their sincere lifestyles, they attach no longer bask in snakes or would favor to glimpse snake. Or no longer it is no longer as within the event that they are combating with snakes however anytime they glimpse snake, it remind them if who they’re, anytime they glimpse snake they also can snap into the realm and they’re afraid they also can no longer reach wait on.

ORISA OSUN is a girl who can engage any tag eg the tag of YEMOJA, fish or the leisure water. She is much pleasurable than Eleriko. Eleriko is correct a community of creatures who survey bask in snakes and they lived interior water .

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OSUN also can very effectively be the broad Matron of Eleriko, she also can very effectively be a guiding gentle teaching them what to operate because all ORISA are the broad patron of every egbe orun or community. In show discover, OSUN also can very effectively be the ORISA who Eleriko treasure and feed in their community or no longer .

OSUN is an ORISA whereas Eleriko is an egbe orun.

OSUN is bask in 1 Trillions more highly efficient than Eleriko Vitality, OSUN has been in existence since the field became Created.

So conclude linking OSUN with snakes or Eleriko.

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