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Assorted kinds of OBA on this twenty first Century 🪬

Assorted kinds of oba on this 21st Century

1. Oba Iwase

2. Oba Igbalode

3. Oba Edide Ejoko

4. Oba fresh generation

5. Oba Akoti Ile ta

6. Oba bigotry

7. Oba Modernization

8. Oba Ere ta ge(theatre Paintings)


9. Oba Alase Lori Orisa

10. Oba Ijo atokere wa

11. Oba Amulumola Adapo

12. Oba ewole Foridole

13. Oba Gangstar

14. Oba Onidan 

15. Oba Goolu

16. Oba Onifari Get together

17. Oba Asawo ,Ajogun

18. Oba Onisokuso

19. Oba Ati Ajo de

20. Oba originate ri Asa kodo

Moti wa RWe wipe irole aye lawa bayi

orisirisi loti wo ite awon baba nla wa afi ki Olódùmarè yanju re fun wa, ko da Ori Ade Igba wa se pada fun wa ko Le RI bi awon baba wa se gbe ka Le .

We need Originality on the throne of our ancestors we must return again to because it changed into within the days of our

Ancestors so it is now and so shall or now now not or now now not it is forever we procure now now not need all this addition and subtraction anymore it is inflicting map back to Yoruba land may perhaps perhaps neutral Olódùmarè again us 

Ire ooo

Author : Adeola moyege oladejo

This Article is written by AWO ABIOLA (whatsapp +2349169827000) For spiritual guidance and IFA consultation.

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