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IFA TEACHING – How Snake Became Very Powerful

Orunmila made divination for Snake. The snake was originally an ordinary rope when he was in heaven, he could neither bite nor harm. He was only used as an instrument for tying loads. When he decided to come to the world, he went to Orunmila for divination. Orunmila asked one of his followers called to…
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Ifa Divination For Nigeria 2018 – Babalawo Orisha

Babalawo Orisha, Idi Iwori made divination for Nigeria on the 1st of January 2018. 1* Ifa says a popular wealthy king will die mysteriously this year as a result of his sacrilegious actions on the sacred throne if he doesn’t offer ebo to quickly. Sacrificial items are: 7 black he goats, 7 baskets of yams,…
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12 Spiritual Signs To Recognize Your Soul Mate

Your soul mate has everything to do with spirituality. A bad spouse can destroy your spiritual and financial life. A good spouse can build your spiritual and financial life. Let me illustrate my point from the old testament of the bible since Abramelic Religion like Islam, Christianity and Kabbalah can easily relate to it. Can…
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