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Ifa is the name of the religion and the Oracle. Ifa is the cultural treasure of the Yoruba people of Nigeria. The synthesis of Ifa and Catholicism came to the U.S. through the Caribbean as Lucumi Ifa and Santeria. Meanwhile it has kept its original roots in Nigeria to this day. The name it is known as in Nigeria as well is Isese L’Agba”. The Traditional Yoruba practice has a few basic understandings:
• There is but One Supreme God, or Universal Intelligence
• Except for the day you are born and the day you are supposed die, there is not a single event in one’s life that cannot be forecast and, if necessary, changed
• Your spirit lives on after death and can reincarnate through blood relatives
• You are born with a specific path
• Divination serves as a road map to your path
• Our Ancestors exist and must be honored, venerated and consulted
• Orisa, or forces of nature, live within us and deal with the affairs of men
• You must never harm another human being, or the universe, which you are a part of
• Spiritual, emotional, physical and mental realms of our existence must all work together and be balanced

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