A spell is a powerful way of manifesting your goal. In this case, the goal is love or infatuation or lust. If you believe in love or infatuation or lust and in the power of sending out a strong and positive energy into the universe to get what you want, read on to learn how to cast powerful love spell for free.


1* Ose Symbol

2* Native Pot

3* Dead Male Lizard

4* Dead Female Lizard

5* Aligator pepper

6* One Bottle Of Dry Gin

7* Native Chalk (Efun)

8* Firewoods

9* Three Stones


1* Get all the materials ready by day time. At full moon by 1 am, mark inside of a native pot with OSE MEJI symbol whose picture is attached to this write-up and say “I (call your name) evoke Ose Meji to bind (call your lover or potential lover name) to me, anything I tell (call your lover name) will do it immediately without asking questions. (Call your lover name) will love you unconditionally, cherish you deeply, adore you, be 100% faithful to you, will not cheat on you… etc”.

2* After which put honey inside the mouth of the dead male and female lizards and say this “As honey is very sweet so shall your love for me will be very sweet. Nobody can reject honey, so shall (call your lover name) can not reject my love.”. After which tie both lizards together facing each other with a red thread and say this “As I tie both lizards together firmly so shall our love be tied together firmly “.

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3* Put 3 seeds of alligator peppers in your mouth, chew them very well, pour some dry gin in your mouth, rinse your mouth with it and spit it out three times on the tied lizards inside the native pot and say this “As alligator pepper is very peppery so shall your love for me pepper anyone that want to come between me and you”.

4* Light the fire woods with matches stick and say this “As this fire burns so shall your love for me burn” and put the native pot with the tied lizards in it on top of three stones and cover the native pot.

5* Allow it to burn to ashes and bring down the pot from fire.


Put some of the black powder of this charm inside pure honey, lick it before you talk to your lover or potential lover and you will notice a total change of attitude and character from your lover or potential lover.

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