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Oruka Aluwo Todaju / Ring for Fighting

Oruka Aluwo Todaju / Ring for Fighting


Aluwo Or Agbawo (charm to make someone fall after being hit) .
It give one the power to fit other and make the fall down (Knock down) immediately.

If you get into alot of issue and you like to have your punches very heavy 🪨 when hit someone or something..

How it works

Once you have the ring with you.. you just need to hit someone or something with a punch 👊.

This ifa work can be done to any ring of your choice .

Note: incase you don’t like carrying ring around.. you can make request to have it as Gbere. So it work whenever you need it,

*Gbere means to use blade make a small mark on your finger and they rub the spiritual powder to it ..  you only have it keep the finger away from water for 2-days .

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