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Ìróké Ifá (Tapper) & Opón Ifá (Tray of Divination)

Ìróké Ifá (Tapper) & Opón Ifá (Tray of Divination)

Iroke Ifa (Ifa Tapper):- Babalawo (diviner) when seeking advice or faced with an illness. An iroke Ifa (also called irofa, iro Ifa, iro ike, orunfa, orun Ifa, orunke or orun ike; meaning ‘tapper of Ifa’) is an object that forms part of the divination ensemble. It, along with an opon Ifa, agere Ifa, palm nuts and a number of other objects, are used to invoke the god Orunmila (also called Ifa, the god associated with wisdom, knowledge and divination) during divination processes.
While divination is in progress, the babalawo taps a divination tray (opon Ifa) with the pointed end of the iroke Ifa to greet and invoke Orunmila (the tapping sound is meant to attract the attention of Ifa).

Opon Ifa (Ifa Tray of Divination) :-Life Reading? Wear our Opon Ifa, Yoruba divination tray tees. This consulting oracle is a spiritual tool used by a Babaalawo/Iyalawo (diviner). It’s system of signs is Odu Ifa, the literary corpus revealed by Orunmila.

Price:-USD2000 each

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